Aluminium Enclosures

B&R Enclosures manufacture a range of aluminium enclosures designed to provide a cost effective, corrosion resistant and light weight solution.

The use of aluminium puts these enclosures somewhere between steel and stainless for resistance to chloride attack, a significant cause of corrosion in Australia. Aluminium is also light weight meaning these enclosures can often be lifted without mechanical aids, making them ideal for remote applications. The aluminium is then powdercoated in accordance with our specifications.

Field FC

B&R’s field enclosure is an infrastructure cabinet designed for roadside monitoring equipment with ITS equipment. It is also used for GPS stations and radio equipment.


Monarch IP - Aluminium

Monarch IP – Aluminium

Monarch IP from B&R is an IP66, aluminium general purpose enclosure and switchboard building system with a huge range of accessories.